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The North Face Crank 25 Pack

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Bushnell Bundle

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Made specifically for switchback climbs and gnarly descents, this new mountain bike hydration pack is synonymous with epic days on the trail. A large, 3-liter bladder provides ample liquid fuel for a day's ride, with five extra zip and stash pockets for added energy bars. Oversized drop pocket holds your skull bucket while you're taking five on the trail.

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  • emblem1 Diamond Jubilee 3 Years - Yellow/Rhodium
  • emblem2 Diamond Jubilee 3 Years - Yellow/Dark Antique
  • emblem3 Diamond Jubilee 3 Years - Yellow/Yellow Plate
  • emblem4 Diamond Jubilee 3 Years - parallax/Rhodium
  • emblem5 Diamond Jubilee 3 Years - Yellow/Light Antique
  • emblem6 Diamond Jubilee 3 Years - parallax/Dark Antique
  • emblemstyle1 On Award
  • emblemstyle2 Charm
  • emblemstyle3 Lapel Pin

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