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Unprecedented Insightsto Understand and Engage Customers

Unprecedented Insights To Understand
And Engage Customers

Precision Market Insights closes the measurement gap to help you better connect with customers using observed behavior in both the physical and digital worlds.


  • Go beyond transactional data to understand exactly who your customers are and what they do.
  • Know exactly where to engage customers.
  • Understand actual response to your campaigns.
  • Refine your sponsorships.
  • Select more effective store locations.

All of which yield powerful results that drive business.

Sample Insights

Sample Insights

Data, no matter how big, is only as useful as the insights you can distill from it and the results they yield.

Here are some examples of the data and insights only we can give you.

Story 1Story 2Story 3

Let's look at your customers. Specifically, location, age, income, lifestyle and where they shop. With Precision Market Insights, these data points are all just a click and a report away.

Store visitors come from the surrounding areas. With the data from our report, let's take a deeper look at customer demographics and psychographics.

The view of customers by age for a particular month.

View of customers by income for a particular month.

View of customers by lifestyle for a particular month.

View of customers by top points of interest for a particular month.

Let's look at your event attendees. Specifically, age, mobile usage income, lifestyle and where they shop. With Precision Market Insights, these data points are all just a click and a report away.

The view of attendees by age.

View of attendees by lifestyle.

View of attendees by top points of interest during the 10 days prior to the event.

View of attendees by OS preference.

Let's look at OOH units and their potential for exposure according to location and time of day. With Precision Market Insights, these data points are all just a click and a report away.

The view of OOH units showing potential hot-spots for viewership.

View of OOH units showing potential viewership at specific locations and times.

View of the top points of interest for audiences in proximity to an OOH unit.

Our 20/20/20

our 20/20/20 vision

Our vision for Walmart and its customers is equal parts understanding, engagement and completing transactions. Our insights can help you drive business now; our foresight will help you define brand relationships tomorrow.

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Precise Proof

Precise Proof

Event analytics with game-changing insights can boost fan experiences, ticket sales, sponsorships and business. See what we learned working with an NBA team.

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Capturing the unique flows of audiences can be the key to driving connections. See what we learned in Phoenix, AZ.

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The impact of Super Bowl Sunday isn't hard to estimate anymore. See what we learned at and around the big game this year.

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So Far

Our Conversation
So Far

To help keep track of everything we’ve discussed, here are the presentations and other materials you’ve seen, as well as a reminder of next steps.

We’ll also provide other documents here—as they become available—that we think you’ll find valuable.




  • 5/18/13 Trade Show
  • 5/19/13 Tech Conference
  • 5/20/13 Employee Family Party

The Precision

The Precision Advantage

What sets Precision Market Insights apart?

First, we offer the world’s largest behavior research panel—more than 86 million Verizon customers.

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Next, the Verizon network stands alone. With coverage that includes more than 485 cities and America’s largest 4G LTE network.

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Optimize Retail

Optimize Retail

Now you can get a better view of your target customers and their shopping habits outside your store, and engage them like never before.

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Elevate Events
and Sponsorships

Elevate Events and Sponsorships

Drive better sponsorships and score with fans by using our audience, location-based and mobile analytics.

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Maximize Ooh media

Maximize OOH Media

See how our unprecedented analytics and insights can improve your out-of-home efforts.

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Make Mobile
More Relevant

Mobile RMA

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Take Action

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Our Privacy Commitment

At Verizon, we are committed to protecting the privacy of customer information. The information that is shared to provide insightful data to businesses is provided solely on an aggregated basis-as a means to enhancing the overall media experience and connected dialogue between growing businesses and consumers. Data is not included from individual Verizon Wireless customers who choose not to participate.