MC Student Case Study

The Pain:

Mastery Connect Student Experience (Bubblesheet) sucks. Specifically, students are hitting "Submit" early, and not completing the whole assessment. This requires support and dev effort to reopen the assessment, so the student can complete it.

"Before" workflow:

MC Student login MC Student assessment MC Student submit MC Student results

The reported issue is that students see the "Submit" button, and think it's to submit just this question. The confirmation modal is then too wordy and confusing for an 8-year old, so they just click "Submit."

Hot Fix #1 - Button Text

First thought was to change the button to say "Finished." We also wireframed up some concepts making the modal confirmation more kid-friendly. We liked the modal concept but didn't implement it for some reason.

MC Finished buton MC All Done?

The button text change did nothing to stop the number of support tickets. We realized at some point we would need to overhaul this whole interface, but we needed to stop the immediate bleeding.

Hot Fix #2 - Admin Reopen

We decided to allow school admins to re-open assessments, so they wouldn't need to call dev or support. A quick link in our interface made this possible.

MC reopen link Support Chart

This fixed the issue for support instantly. But we still knew we hadn't fixed the real problem.

Design Overhaul #1 - User Testing with Kids!

We mocked up a new version to address the button issue. We also rebranded from "Bubblesheet" to "MC Student."

MC Redesign1 MC Redesign1 MC Redesign1 MC Redesign1

We did a formalized UX study with these comps. We pulled about 10 kids (employee's children) into the office. The ages ranged from 6 to 17. We walked them through two types of assessments, and observed their interactions. UX studies are fascinating because people interact with your product in ways you never expect.

UX Findings

Updated Designs

Here's the mocks for the finalized design:

MC Redesign 2 MC Redesign 2 MC Redesign 2 MC Redesign 2

We launched with these mocks and have received no complaints so far through all the beginning-of-year testing (yay).

V2.0 and Beyond

We still have an ongoing roadmap for this MC Student experience feature. Many state assessment programs use 3rd party businesses for end of year summative tests. We've begun researching the design patterns these interfaces use. We plan to pattern V2.0 after these. Hopefully when students see that interface, they feel a sense of orientation having used our product.